The Art Of Outdoor Aerial Photography


Dating back to the early nineteenth century when the French used photography from high above the ground to find enemy positions in the First World War, aerial photography or the method of taking pictures with a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the ground below from an airplane, rocket, satellite or kite has become a common method of reconnoitering land features.

Aerial photography is thoroughly made use of throughout war to guide invasions through land and is a directing factor in marine warfare. Apart from military operations, aerial photography also unwinds geological abnormalities and can pin point worldwide boundaries with relative ease and conviction.

Aerial Photography – Is it Legal

Though there is an element of foreboding surrounding aerial photography, since it is mostly done without much fanfare, it is thought about quite legal considering that taking pictures do not necessarily include trespassing or taking the photographed part of a property – land or sea. However, particular strategic locations in any country are beyond the reach of the aerial camera for the safety and security of the nation.

Advantages of Aerial Photography

It is ideally suited for studying the topography of a region. Mountains, valleys, river systems and terrain can be classically visualized. It assists to select the websites of important installations like hydroelectric power projects or irrigation channel, which otherwise might have presented troublesome. Aerial photography is likewise preferred by realty developers whose location of operation is usually really comprehensive, often covering several miles where a complete brand-new township or rural community living quarters often takes shape. These aerial photographs are also beneficial for marketing work.

london1The United States Geological Survey has done some remarkable deal with the help of aerial photography by categorizing various zones based on altitude, surface type, nature of sub-soil, greenery and other resources. Aerial photography is also utilized in GIS, which deals with maps and charts. Numerous state and federal governments benefit from this while planning or moving satellite towns along with reorganizing existing ones.

Aerial photography – the only response

Natural catastrophes like earthquake, flood, tornado, timber fire, volcanic eruptions etc can just be photographed from air to determine the enormity of the damage. The exact same is likewise true for space photographs. Aerial photography done by spaceships in mapping our world is simply remarkable. Aerial photos of the moon’s surface and the interior of Mars is yet another achievement, hitherto impossible to mankind.

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