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Selecting the Right Web Hosting for You

We all have heard of web hosting but do you know that there are many types of web hosting? Let’s take a look at them below:

Free Web Hosting:

This kind of hosting is supplied to you for free. This hosting is advised in case of low traffic sites for, e.g., your personal site, your individual blog, family websites, etc. It is not advisable, if you want to run a business website with high traffic.

Web Hosting 11Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting and also the most cost-efficient. In this type of hosting, you share the hosting on a specific server with perhaps 100 other users. You don’t get the devoted access of the server, but simply a percentage of it. For online business websites, this is the best possible choice. You should try and opt for a host with 24/7 technical support. Unlike in free web hosting, where the advertisements of your hosting company is all on your websites, you have the entire access to your websites. Along with it, you get a lot more space, bandwidth, other alternatives such as email, databases, and so on. That is the reason this service is advisable over the free hosting service if you wish to run your site for business purposes. It is truly economical, because you are sharing the price of the server with around 100 more individuals. The monthly rental for shared hosting from a reputed hosting company differs between $5-$20.

Dedicated Hosting:Web Hosting 10

In shared hosting, you share a server with some more individuals, however, in this case you get the devoted access to the server. Dedicated hosting is the most costly kind of hosting. But, you get unlimited access to the server. That means an effective and safe server with nearly endless software alternatives. This hosting is advised for you in case you have an extremely high traffic site such as a social networking site, an online forum, etc.

Reseller Hosting:

This kind of hosting is needed if you want to become the web host yourself. You can resell this hosting further with your very own cost. Reseller hosting costs between $15 and $50 depending on the features and resource restrictions provided by your hosting supplier.

There are many other variations in hosting, and you can find many options by doing a simple online search.

Which Hostgator Coupon Code Is Best For Me?


Basically the best hostgator coupon code for you will be determined by your own personal web hosting needs and the amount you have to invest in hosting.


The one cent coupon (1CENT) is only valid on the Baby and Hatchling plans gives you the opportunity to receive hosting for a penny during the first month. What this does is allow you to try Hostgator as your web hosting provider without any risks (unless paying one cent is considered a risk by you). It is a “try before you buy” approach and will be a wise option if you are looking to purchase the baby or hatchling plan but you are still skeptical on using Hostgator.

After a month you can continue using Hostgator or just cancel your plan if you feel Hostgator isn’t a good fit for your website. Like millions of other Hostgator users you will find after a month that you are satisfied with this world-class web hosting provider.

The $9.95 off coupon (995OFF) will be best utilized on any plan other than the hatchling or baby when paying month-to-month. This allows for you to reduce your first month’s costs considerably.
The 25% off coupon (HG25) is best utilized when paying for a longer term (6 months+). This coupon is very popular as it can help you save a ton when paying for a year or more in advance.

Business man adding server to networkIs Hostgator a Good Web Host?

Firstly, there is no such thing as a perfect web host. I personally have used over 60 web hosts and I have had some pretty poor experiences with many of the hosts I have used. The web hosting industry is plagued with poor service providers who are just resellers and have no technical knowledge to provide a quality service.
Thankfully, Hostgator is one of the hosts on my white-list. They are a quality provider with a proven track record. They have proven to be capable of offering a service that is stable, affordable, dependable and efficient. You can expect great customer service and a stable server environment which is really all you need from a host.

They host over 8 000 000 domains which is testament to their success as a web hosts as well as their popularity. A bad host does not become successful as Hostgator have. You can have peace of mind when signing up with Hostgator and you can be assured that your website is in capable hands. Moreover, with the Hostgator coupon codes above you also have the opportunity to receive top quality hosting at a reduced cost which really removes all risks.

As with all coupons they do expire so it will be in your best interest to utilize these coupon codes as soon as possible.