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Using cPanel for Website Administration

Web Hosting 07cPanel is a Web-based hosting control board which is primarily made use of to serve the function of administrating the sites. It was developed by J. Nicholas Koston for high-speed hosting.

It has got a user-friendly interface and does not require any high-level understanding. There are a number of advantages that cPanel web hosting offers to the users. Though the cPanel is purely Linux-based it still offers a user-friendly graphical user interface.

The functions of cPanel hosting are many. There is no coding involved since all actions are regulated by mouse motions with normal point and click methods. For that reason, cPanel web hosting has made hosting of sites extremely simple and intriguing to any user. Also, any applications can be installed and uninstalled into the web pages with ease by using cPanel.

Apart from lending a graphical user interface, cPanel hosting also has a command line tool along with theWeb Hosting 08 API function. This is an added advantage to the website resellers and website end users. This allows the 3rd party software application suppliers and hosting organizations to input their own procedures and automated functions. cPanel hosting is specially created for supporting many systems, devoted servers, as well as virtual servers. To permit the users to access the host and make the required changes, cPanel is also offered with a hosting manager.

Some of the other benefits offered by the cPanel consists of E-mail functions, site upkeep and database management. All such applications have made cPanel more popular in the last few years. The applications provided by cPanel are supported by designers and quality control staff. To be exact, cPanel provides simple use to all people from server administrators to an email account user. Numerous site hosting companies that need to offer competitive hosting services are powered by cPanel.