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Reasons to legalize marijuana

Cannabis Sativa or Marijuana can be consumed through different techniques depending on the preference of the user. Devices like vaporizers, vaporisateur portable avis and cannabis sprays are examples of the devices that can illuminate the effects of marijuana. The sprays are fundamental in averting health hazards that are commonly abated through smoking.However, despite the popularity of Cannabis sativa, it has continually evoked numerous debates in global platforms. These debates are essentially centered on its legalization and criminalization.

Notwithstanding, marijuana is still accessible in many countries, and the people are continually aware of its mental and recreational benefits. The benefits attributed to marijuana are enormous, and experts have thereby criticized governments of ignorantly dealing with the unique product.

Proponents of such legalization state the following reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized;

It’s safer than alcohol and tobacco

Drugs are harmful to human health, but alcohol and drugs are more damaging in many aspects. Statistics show that millions of lives are lost annually to tobacco and alcohol. However, marijuana is nontoxic and therefore cannot cause any health concerns. Also, there have been no reported cases of a marijuana overdose in as long as it has been used.

Prohibition is costly

Criminalization takes up a lot of revenue in fighting and negating its consumption. The money used in arrest and prosecution is exorbitant. States that have enacted marijuana legislation have saved up this costs and thus able to concentrate on other ways to control it desirably. Regulation will also generate revenue from a sector that is still active despite illegalization. Evidently, prohibition of marijuana is more costly than legalization.

Increased crime rate

wqkjvdsYoung people are in the business of peddling marijuana in spite of the fact that it is outlawed. Such behavior will undoubtedly expose the youth to other criminal acts which will eventually increase the state’s crime rate. People with no employment sell drugs because it is lucrative but if the drugs are legalized the government will take away most monies through taxes hence a consequent demystification of the market.

Medicinal benefits

The underlined medical benefits of marijuana are elaborate, and the users will tell you that they are more than most people perceive. Suppression of anxiety and depression are the most commonly known advantages of marijuana. Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have accredited marijuana as an effective way of recovering from a traumatic event.

Generally, marijuana can prevent critical diseases that are otherwise problematic. Examples of these conditions are Cancer, Hepatitis C, Glaucoma, and epileptic seizures.