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Sending Faxes Via Gmail’s Faxing Feature

Most individuals and businesses have a Gmail account. As such, they rely on Gmail web services to run or coordinate the operations of their businesses. Their adaptable and easy to use nature of this platform has made it very popular in recent years. Google has introduced a specific feature for Gmail that has made online faxing a possibility. By utilizing the faxing feature, you can fax from Gmail and send any file type like a fax document right from your Gmail account. This process is simple and easy for anyone that has sent an email before.

Find an online fax providersADcsZDADSc

Gmail does not have an inbuilt faxing feature. Therefore, the first thing to do when planning to send online faxes is to find a fax provider. Ideally, the best faxing service providers charge a small fee for these services. Different companies charge differently depending on their subscription charges. If you are just trying out these services, it is advisable to sign up for a trial service before making any remittance towards the same.

Bring Gmail into the mix

After finding an online Fax provider, the next thing is to bring Google onboard and start faxing. The good thing about using Google is that sending a fax is more or less the same as sending a standard email. However, there are two main disparities about how all this is done. First, instead of entering the text, you need to attach the fax as a document. Secondly, you are expected to fill in your fax number followed by “@yourfaxprovider.com” instead of entering your email address in the “To” field.

The sending process

asdaQwsDfsdThe sending process starts by sending the compose button after which you are expected to enter the recipient’s details. The recipient name might differ considerably considering that each provider has a different domain name and number. The content, which is usually an attachment, should be in a popular text format like .doc, .text, .jpg, .pdf, or .xls. On the other hand, you can get the attachment from the Google drive as well.

As much as there is no inbuilt faxing services, the process of sending a fax via Gmail is simple. As such, the only challenge with this process is selecting a suitable provider. From there, everything about sending a fax is straightforward and direct. Thanks to Gmail’s faxing feature, you do not have to have a faxing machine to fax. You can send them while on the go.