Is PIC Grant Or PIC Bonus Subject to Taxation?


The iras pic System much more commonly called Productivity and also Initiation Credit was pioneered in Singapore in the 2010 Budget plan, with a way of thinking of offering significant tax reductions in a number of tasks.

Now, PIC provides a bonus offer to company, primarily tiny and medium companies (SMEs), under their Years of Assessment (YAs) 2013 to 2015, in order to raise the performance. This enables the SMEs to be qualified to a coordinating dollar-dollar cash reward under their YAs, therefore assisting them to stay up to date with the rising functional expenses like work incomes as well as property area rentals, then enabling the Singapore companies to remain at par with today business problems.


The SME’s must have active operations in Singapore, with an outgo of a minimum of $5000, in addition to three Singapore citizens having CPF contribution or irreversible home, to get the PIC bonus.


It is never compulsory for the businesses to make an application for the bonus offer specifically where the PHOTO money pay-outs are exacted with its pay-out application or where 400 % of their tax deductions or changes are exacted by tax return. In such cases, registering for income tax returns or commendation of cash pay-out case would certainly be enough for the IRAS to cipher the tantamount quantity of PIC grant, every YA.


productivity-and-innovation-creditThe PIC reward and also grants are taxable after the IRAS offer authorization of the eligibility of a concern to disburse the grant or the motivation, causing tax of YA referring to the receipt of the year. The perks are strained an year after they are received, such as the bonus incurred in 2013 shall be exhausted in 2014, but the SMEs are not liable to reveal the quantity of bonus offer incurred in their Type P as well as B of tax returns, as it is immediately induced in the evaluation of the significant YA by the IARS.


The SMEs approved for the cash money pay-out plan could commute $100,000 each YA to non-taxable cash pay-out on the net investment of all the 6 stipulating tasks. The conventional cash money pay-out is 60 % of the overall outgo, providing a quantity of $60,000 each YA. However then, the application for the pay-out have to be done only at the end of every quarter year or in commingled successive quarters in the monetary year.

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