Ergonomic Technology: A Review in Office Health

stability-ball-desk-photoWorking in an office for an entire day can leave you with a number of aches and pains. Fortunately, by having a few easy changes to your workplace, you comfort can be greatly increased.

Office ergonomic is a popular discussion, especially with the increase of injuries and chronic pains in the past few years. Ergonomic refers to the relationship between the worker and the various furniture, tools, or materials used in the work place. For an office employee, this refers to items such as desk layout, chair positioning or equipment setting.

Listed below are the common terms used in reference to ergonomics in the work place:

– Primary Work Area- which is the distance from the elbow to the hand.

– Secondary Work Area- the area which is within the arms reach.

– Reference Work Area -this is the zone outside secondary and primary work zone.

Tips on Work Place Arrangement?


Arrange your desk with the listed work areas in mind to assist with office ergonomics and minimize physical strain. Having items such as keyboards and telephones within the primary work zone areas means you don’t need to stretch so far. Having commonly used items within the secondary work area, helps in minimizing physical strain. Using the reference work area for such items rarely allows you to keep them within your vicinity but not have valuable primary or secondary work zone space. Replacing your regular desk chair with an ergonomically-designed stability sphere chair may also be a good idea.


When it comes to designing your work place you should:


-Have the computer screens at a position that is not near the windows to minimize the glare from sunlight.

-Your area under and around your desk should be clear of boxes and other items.

-Use the wrist support for the keyboard and mouse to minimize strain on the joints.

-Have the monitor screen 18-30 inches away from your eyes.

-If you spend too much time of time talking on the phone, opt for a hands free headset.

Well designed work places important for your overall health. Taking time to arrange your workplace ergonomically will be of great help and will result in a more comfortable time on your desk.

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