The Best Tips When Choosing Gaming Monitors

Gaming technology has greatly advanced in the recent past with significant progress coming through gaming monitors with high-resolution abilities. The gaming experience and environment are enhanced by the monitor specs which achieve high refresh rate speeds and pixel response time and perfect graphic resolutions. However, most game players tend to neglect the monitor they use at the expense of gaming software unknowingly missing out on the best display and interactive user interface. Therefore, in choosing the best pro gaming monitors, it is essential to consider the following;

Screen size


The size of the gaming monitor is a great consideration when selecting a monitor. The bigger the screen’s size of the monitor the better the gaming experience. This is because it has a better resolution, high-graphic display, and differentiated aspect ratios.


Different gaming monitor have different resolution levels most of which are differentiated by gaming consoles. The capability of a gaming monitor to display higher resolutions enhances game graphics making the game themes and characters more live. Additionally, high resolution enhances the game environment making it vivid with the ultra-wide monitors having a resolution ranging from 1920x1080p to 3440x1440p.

Aspect ratio

A gaming monitor should achieve the highest aspect ratio which maximizes the resolution of the screen. The design of the monitor affects the aspect ratio. However, most console games are developed to play at 16:9 aspect ratio. However, advancements in the gaming monitor allow the user to scale to their preferred aspect ratio while maintaining a lively gaming experience.

Display panel

It is important to choose a gaming monitor that has an IPS panel over the TN panels. The IPS panel works to the convenience of the player who plays at a distance from the monitor as it enhances better viewing angles accompanied by less color distortion. The panel allows the player to play from any angle which may favor both single or multiple players playing from a distance probably in the comfort of a pouch.

Screen refresh rate

Gaming monitors have varying screen refreshing rates which involve the time taken by the monitor to display graphical frames of the game. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz) which means that gaming monitors with a refresh rate of 80Hz imply that it can refresh at the rate of 80 times per second. This is very efficient for game players who want to experience competitive gaming.

Sync technology


Some gaming monitors have proprietary synchronization technologies such as Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync among others which increase the input lag which is the difference between the time taken to display the input made.


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