Features Of Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders are GPS installed devices used in golfing to aid the player to accurately determine the distance to fixed points on the golf course. GPS and Laser Golf Rangefinders are increasingly gaining popularity as part of the advanced technology that is used in competitive sport. These Golf Rangefinders have differentiated features that make them superior to others as these models vary in accuracy and abilities. Leupold GX golf rangefinders are one of the best rangefinders in this industry. The most common features include;


DNA technology


Most Golf Rangefinders have advanced DNA technology that assists in achieving fast and accurate distance readings. The technology can measure distances from 5 to 1000 yards accurately depending on the resolution of the model.

GPS and laser systems

Golf Rangefinders occur in two different types; GPS and Laser systems. Inbuilt GPS systems enable the device to appropriately use the GPS to locate fixed points on a golf course while the laser technology scans the golf course to give accurate and useful data to the user that will influence their next play decision.

Multi-coated lens

The best Golf rangefinders have a very efficient lens that magnifies and gives clear OLED displays. This ensures that the features observed or calculated are bright, clear and scratch-proof. These images displayed can be adjusted easily through practical settings and adjustments on buttons within the design of the Golf Rangefinder.

Prism-lock technology and touch scan modes

Most Golf Rangefinders use the Prism-lock technology that maximizes on audio tones to set accurate locks on targets. It gives automated readings while using the touch scan modes to provide faster readings on the golf course.

TGR feature

Superior Golf Rangefinder models have the TGR feature that scans and gives accurate data that assists calculate uphill and downhill shots. This also assists determine the hitting strength, elevation changes and the effect of atmospheric conditions on every shot made by the player.

Waterproof and fog mode

Most Golf Rangefinders have special specs that facilitate waterproof and fog modes making the Golf Rangefinder usable for almost all weather types. This feature makes the rangefinder superior especially when the weather is foggy since it gives the desired clarity to make an accurate hit.



The best Golf rangefinders in the market are made of very light materials which make the device very lightweight to carry and use. Moreover, it makes the Golf Rangefinder compact and has a rugged exterior mostly made of rubber that makes it easy to handle in different golf playing conditions.

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