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Pixel Studio FX 2.0: All Facts

Technological advancement has brought about a lot changes in our life. Day by day something new comes in. Each minutes someone devices a new way of handling a task to make it simple. Computers and the internet became a revolution enabling the sharing and a lot of stuff. For more information about Pixel Studio FX 2.0 click on the active link. This is where graphic design comes in. And with it came Pixel Studio FX 2.0

General information What it’s all about

kjjkjjknnbbwqPixel FX 2.0 is a graphic design tool that creates covers for digital products. Initially, it was created for the sole purpose of in-house design. After much thought had put on all graphic design requirements, the Pixel Studio 2.0 was engineered to incorporate all the functions. It is now a super tool with utmost simplicity. Using the technique of drag and drop is easy. Its simplicity has created many stunning and professional e-cover and graphics for products. In addition to simplicity, the product is also super fast creating designs in minutes.

Product Features

The product has many favorable features in the graphic design. It is friendly to drag and drop hence simplicity. The product also has more than 650 themes that you can choose form. The themes are unique you are assured you have never seen them before. The tool also offers professional and quality e-covers. The user experience is seamless. The models and designs are award winning. With the tool, you do not need the training to use it. In the case of training, you will only need minimal training. The tool is cheap and offers one of the cheapest designing solutions

How it works

As said above Pixel FX 2.0 is easy to use. After logging in you will access to some categories for your cover design. Click on a template that you like and pick a product style. There are various design models to choose from including DVD report video training package and a 3d model. Then you give your project a title add a text, images clip art and background. Resize your element to suit your requirement. After finishing all that, view the design to see how it will look when done. The software will turn your design into 3D automatically basing on the template you chose earlier. To improve your image you can add shadows or a reflective. After you are done, you are free to share your background on social media such as Facebook.

Better functionality

klmmbbvvA new device is made each day and every hour technologists are always looking for ways to make it better in functionality. Many designers have acknowledged the software for its functionality. If you are looking to learn about graphic design, Pixel Studio 2.0 will provide you with a good opportunity to learn. Its simplicity encourages everyone to use it.